I have moved.  “Love is… Kim Casali”  now resides:

Right Here, Check it out!


economy is bad, but I am not worried. I even quited my job for my freedom. I  wondered where I’d findally end up.

who is going to say “thanks for giving” before the Xmas Gifts are received? go to get your shopping bag full then come back to kill the turkey.

kissing santa by fortunebarbies.

Time to give. 

It’s more practical to give a Gift Card, 

 Cash is the best.

So, I got a Target Gift Card from you, and you got a walmart gift card from me…, looks so meaningless, but we are boosting US economy.

my wishes:

I wish my ears can close like my eyes, so I dont have to listen to anyone when I dont need to. this world is tooo noisy.

I wish my teeth can regrow like my hair, so I dont have to suffer too much pain.